General Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Hey! Welcome to Wild and Kind Studios. Thanks for choosing the studio as your creative space. The following terms apply to your membership within Wild and Kind Studios. Please ensure that you read through the terms and conditions and that you agree that upon acceptance you understand our eligibility requirements to join. By accepting you also agree that any information you provide us is truthful and accurate, that you will maintain this information and update due to any changes in circumstance and that by using the studio you will not violate any regulations or applicable law.

In response to the global pandemic, all desk spaces now allow members to have at least 6 ft distance from others, and we have restricted the number of desk spaces in our main space to prevent overcrowding. We have invested in individually packed tea and coffee making supplies, as well as purchasing sanitising products

Description of Services:

Wild & Kind Studios is a membership community offering access to various types of equipment. As well as having access to different types of equipment, members are also provided a desk space, or studio space to work from.

Memberships prices vary depending on resources used, but we do offer several free memberships to those from social and/or economically disadvantaged backgrounds

We have the following equipment, which can be used by all members that have been given an induction. Members are given an ‘allowance’ of equipment use per month, and are charges are applied for use over and above their allowances :

Dual Drum Risograph Printer with 10 colour drums Brother semi-industrial embroidery machine (10 needle) Tajima Industrial Embroidery Machine (15 needle) Cricut Maker 38mm Badge maker Epson Ecotank printer Screen printing equipment (coming soon)

We also have a full kitchen kitchen, and offer complimentary tea and coffee making supplies.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are agreeing to treat our equipment and space with respect and clean up as you go. Please treat all machinery carefully and if you are unsure how to use anything just ask us. If something is damaged you are also agreeing to take ownership and alert us as soon as an incident occurs.

Purchase of Membership: Please note, you may only purchase a membership for yourself. Spaces may not be shared and we don’t permit the transfer of a membership to another person. Upon the purchase of a communal or dedicated membership, you therefor agree to not resell your purchase. We as a business reserve the right if we feel these terms have been violated cancel a membership at anytime.

Changed to the terms of use : We have the right to alter the terms at any given time. We will inform members of any changes made upon and alteration by email. Please make sure the email contact we have for you is kept up to date to ensure you receive these.

Invoicing & Payments: We will invoice you in regards to your membership to the email you have given us. This has to be paid prior to your use of the studio. You must pre-pay this each month to ensure you have your space secured. If you do not wish to renew your membership we need confirmation of this 7 days prior to the start of the next month.

Cancellation / Refund: Once a membership is paid it cannot be refunded. We do not make a profit from membership fees as they only just cover the rent, utilities and general expenses of running the space. If you are having any difficulties in using or paying for your membership, give us as much notice as possible. We will always try to find a resolution.

Removal / Termination : We have the right to terminate a contract and remove a member from the studio if we deem them to be abusing the service or to have breached our terms and conditions.

Eligibility Requirements : Our memberships are primarily for those who can prove a strong understanding and respect for the complexities of Wild & Kind CIC’s mission of providing safe spaces for women and people outwith the gender binary.

Minors in the space : Children are welcome into the space and are 100% the responsibility of the guardian of the minor. If you need to bring your child with you regularly, get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Internet Access: We currently have Virgin Media Internet in the studio which is open to all to use. If the internet is down, we have no control over this and cannot be held accountable, although we have a back up data hotspot in the event of this happening. The internet is also not a secure network there for third parties can potentially intercept which we cannot be held responsible for.

Insurance: Our insurance covers Wild & Kind CIC property and activities. Please ensure you have your own business contents and public liability insurance sorted for your own property.

Comments and Complaints :

If you’re unhappy about anything, we’re always happy to talk. You can contact us at

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